NGK Ceramics Europe

At Baudour, we produce a unique ceramic catalyst support for cleaner vehicles.

Our products

Wallonia’s know-how and Japan’s excellence combined

Distributed reliably throughout Europe and worldwide, the HONEYCERAM® substrates manufactured at our Belgian site are the result of the combination of ceramics and high technology, constantly updated to meet the most demanding standards.

With more than 30 years of existence in Belgium, 400 employees, and the excellence of our Japanese parent company under our belt, we remain the market leader and consider all car producers as our customers.

We are the first subsidiary of the NGK Group to have produced HONEYCERAM ® substrates outside of Japan.

Work with us

A fulfilling and evolving career. Join NGK!

The excellence of our products demands precision and control. We proactively support our employees and encourage their ongoing training, with a framework dedicated to the performance and fulfillment - personal and professional - of our employees.

Our commitments

An engaged and engaging company

Constantly creating value for society and bringing well-being to the population: the basic idea that the NGK Group has been building on since its creation over a century ago. We see our commitments as a comprehensive way for us to contribute to our company and the world around us at all levels: social, societal and environmental.

NGK Group

The strength of a worldwide and centennial group

The NGK group has many sites around the world. In addition to being the world's leading manufacturer of insulators, it manufactures and markets ceramic and metal products around the world. Proud of its history and experience, the NGK Group celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2019.

A subsidiary of the NGK Group of Nagoya, Japan since 1919, NGK Ceramics Europe is a continuation of the group's philosophy and values: innovation, technology, respect and development prospects for all its employees.